Medcin Pharma Sdn Bhd has 2 main business segments: Radiology and Pharmaceuticals.

We are a family-owned business established in 2003.

Today, we serve the clinicians in the medical field and have expanded our portfolio to include

  • Neuro Intervention Radiology,
  • Spinal Intervention Radiology,
  • Clinical Grade Skincare,
  • X-ray Quality Assurance Meters.

Medcin Pharma was founded by the late David Teh. David brings with him years of industry experience since 1978. He was the Regional General Manager for Schering AG 1989-2002.

Mr. Carl Teh took over as CEO from his father in 2017.

Carl is a member of the CPA Australia, Bachelor of Business, University of Queensland. He is passionate about the medical industry and devotes his time staying up to date with the changes in the industry.

At Medcin Pharma, we adopt a hands-on approach in the business. We aim to gain the recognition, trust and confidence from the medical community, ie. doctors, pharmacists, nurses, government institutions and medical societies. With our capable sales personnel, we are focused on delivering the best results for our clinicians, patients and principals.

We strive to be the best resource to our clinicians and take pride in training our people to be the best resource.

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